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  • Is vegetable source velvet red possible for bakery?

    Technical Chanllenge:

    It is well known that natural red colors(anthocyanins or red beet) lack mostly heat stability and/or color stability in the neutral pH-range. Therefore bakery producers rely still on Allura Red and carmine for coloring as also producers of protein shakes and dairy beverage producers do. Consumers demand increasingly natural color alternatives especially to carmine.

    EPColor - Extraordinary Solution:

    EPColor introduces its innovative velvet red originated from vegetable source. EPColor Velvet Red exerts excellent pH and heat stability. It is dispersible in mixture of flour or protein, egg, milk and oil. After baking at 150℃ for 20 minutes in oven, it remains brilliant and attractive velvet red without compromise in taste.

    Recommended Dosage:

    The amount required depends on differing requirements. We recommend dosages based on the results from our experiment trials.

    Performance in Applications:

    EPColor Velvet Red is highly recommended to bakery industry both baking in a conventional oven and in a micro-wave oven.

  • Are vegetable source colors possible for icing?

    Technical Challenge:

    Due to limited stability properties of natural colors, artificial colors are still used in icings despite consumers' demands for natural colors.

    EPColor - Extraordinary Solution:

    EPC is dedicated to provide a healthy alternative to artificial colors with chemical preservatives used for icing. The proprietary state-of-the-art technology provides an EPColorTM range with beautiful and brilliant colors which are sufficiently stable for icing applications.

    Performance in Applications

    EPColorTM icings are highly recommended to bakery industry, especially for DIY makers due to its ready-to-use package.


  • Why EPColorTM?

    We support the continuing trend towards naturalness.

    We are explorers in natural colors.

    Our well-established color expertise allows us to bring colorful art and value to your product.

    Our worldwide plant cultivation, own plant processing and color production gives us preferential access to premium colors from fruits, vegetables and other plants. The best raw materials enable the finest nuances that the customer really values, especially when it comes to a visual product like colors.

    We implement the latest findings of strategic market and consumer research.

    We use modern technology to create extraordinary solution for colors.

    Whatever we do, we never lose sight of what's important:

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