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  • Color Influences Consumers' Buying Decision

    Colors are the most important sensory property of food and beverage, especially in packed and sealed products, visual color is the only possibility to attract consumers.

    The link between the psychological phenomena "color emotion" and "color preference" with the physical descriptions of a color(chroma, hue and lightness) is an emerging area of scientific studies.

    Immaterial and intangible elements such as color of products, are important drivers for buying decisions. To survive in a competitive market, manufacturers need a marketing strategy which creates products exclusively link with the consumers and recognition of brands.

    Nowadays successful companies are introducing "sensory marketing" to position brands or products. Sensory marketing uses all our senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) to let us differentiate between products and finally trigger buying decisions.

    It is worthy stepping deeper into the emotion and perception of color shades, as research revealed that color emotion and perception is different amongst different cultures, amongst men and women and amongst young and old people. It has also been shown that color perception is related to expected product properties.

    Beverage Coloring Challenge

    The main challenge for beverage colors is the fact that the traditionally used color are of synthetic origin. More recently, synthetic colors used in food have undergone serious discussions related to health and safety issues. Another challenge is the consumers' resist to "food additives" as such and especially "food colorants".

    Manufacturers adapted to the consumers' demand and released more and more products claiming "free of food additives" or products claimed to be "all natural".

    Colors derived from natural plants are easily accepted by consumers, while the application of natural colors choices and the stability of the natural ingredients in different food processing conditions.

    EPColorTM Make Your Beverage Extraordinary

    EPColorTM are perfect choice to meet the market requests. EPColorTM consist of color concentrates or color extracts from natural sources. All colors come from edible plants and are obtained by the way as home-made, fullfill therefore in general the conditions of food ingredients or coloring foods with clean label claimed.

    As a world leading and innovative company in natural ingredients market, with persistent and scientific innovation to create extraordinary performance products, EPC consistently launches extraordinary new products and solutions of natural colors with specific application and satisfactory properties.

  • Extraordinary Personalized Natural Food Coloring Solutions

    Spirulina Blue AS makes acidic beverage in naturally blue possible, in combination with selective natural colors from EPColorTM product line, it opens the door to achieve clear acid stable green, purple and even more and more vibrant shades.


    EPColorTM expertise team devote to provide unlimited variable natural color solutions. Our team understand the chemistry behind food and beverage formulations, we provide strong support package even more than natural color solutions, to ensure the performance of your products to be differentiated and outstanding in the market.


  • New Spirulina Blue AS



    A natural blue color for acidic beverage has been a deficiency in the industry. Traditional spirulina extract is the only available natural blue until now, but it is unstable against acid, it turns turbid in a solution when the pH value is below 5.



    EPC has innovatively developed Spirulina Blue AS, which owns outstanding properties compared with traditional spirulina extract.

    Spirulina Blue AS is processed by proprietary technology, it has excellent aqueous solubility thus comes to a clear blue shade in a acidic solution even when the pH value is as low as 2.9, meanwhile it has good heat and light stability, the color is able to withstand food processing and pasteurization.