• ThinkscrubTM

    New Generation of Plant-sourced Exfoliant

  • What is ThinkscrubTM?

    ThinkscrubTM is pure Tagua Nut powder. Tagua Nus is the ripen seed of Tagua palm originated from rainforest of South America. Natural Tagua Nut Powder appears white or ivory, which makes it an excellent replacement to microplastics in all cosmetics formulations.

    Microplastics are way behind the time

    Microplastics, made from plastics such as PE, PP, PET to name a few, have been the main exfoliant agents applied in personal care products by manufactureers. They are not biodegradable and persist in enviroment at high levels. Their accumulation in aquatic and marine ecosystem eventully harms the health and well-being of human themselves.

    Extraordinary performace of ThinkscrubTM

    Under microscope lens, ThinkscurbTM powder shows that the structure of the particle surface is uneven with tiny pores without sharp crystal edges. Also, ThinkscrubTM shows good stability in both oil and aqueous phases.